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Incense wrapped in burlap

Incense wrapped in burlap


This is incense wrapped inside of a burlap bag.  The ingredients are frankincense, myrrh, dried eucalyptus and dried sage.  The bag is completely burnable.  Just toss the whole lil bag in the fireplace or backyard firepit and you'll smell the beautiful fragrance.,  

(Tip). dont toss it in direct fire, let it sit in a hot place in the pit so it can simmer and not just burn up.  The aroma should last around 20 to 30min.  We use two inside of our chiminea located on our front porch and toss about 2 or 3 in our firepit in the backyard.  we lined the bottom of the pits with lava rocks for added protection.



  • be careful

    I want to emphasize that the burlap will catch on fire so be careful. Be mindful to use in a vented place that is specifically used for burning. ie: firepit, chiminea, fireplace or bbq pit.  If your fire gets out of control have baking soda handy, or fire extinguisher close by or smother the fire with sand and water.  just please use caution and be safe.  

    we just want our customers to enjoy the beautiful fragrance of organic incense but we also want you to be mindful and safe.  We love our customers.

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